About Steven

Steven Ly is the creator of Stay Thriving. Stay Thriving is more than a blog to him. It is a way of living. It is about making the constant, conscious decision to choose to thrive instead of just survive.

Steven is a second generation Vietnamese/Cambodian immigrant.  A child to parents who migrated to the United States in the 1970s.  He grew up speaking Khmer up until the age of 5 and learned to speak English as he started Kindergarten and grade school.

Growing up as a child of first generation immigrants trying to navigate this new society, culture, lifestyle, and language provided its own challenges. Fortunately he was raised in a Christian family, with good family values, taught the importance of a relationship with God, and the importance of education. A quote shared by his mother that her father shared with her is, “I don’t have much to give you but what I can provide is knowledge.  This, no one can take away from you.”

He has always been an intellectual and being an INTJ the choice to thrive came naturally. He has always looked to improve his own intellect, emotions, thoughts, finances, physical self, and everything in and around him.

Being the man that he is, he realized that it is character and knowledge that would help him to have what he wants and be the man he wants to be through the grace of God.  This lead him to seek and pursue knowledge and wisdom wherever he could find it.

He has always been someone who enjoys building up himself and helping others grow. The teacher in him allows him to share all of what he has been learning to help benefit others. Stay Thriving is the beginning of that platform in using his gifts and talents to be a solution to others problems. He hopes that what you read and what you gain from this encourages and uplifts you spiritually mentally and physically.



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