The Power of Momentum

Those tasks of eating healthy, waking up earlier, working out, blogging, posting to social media, tracking your meals, budgeting, reading, learning, applying, reflection, whatever it may be… that thing you have been wanting to accomplish… Do it. DO IT TODAY.

No excuses.

No complaining.

No delaying.


Keep doing it.

Do it day in and day out.

Get a rhythm in doing it.


Do it so much that it becomes what you do without consideration.

Do it for 3 weeks. It will become a habit.

Evaluate. If it makes sense, continue.  If not, remove it, or adjust it.

Continue to do it for months, make it your lifestyle.

The momentum built through this will make you unstoppable.

People will wonder how you did it.

They will wonder how you do it.

They won’t be able to understand, how you’re able to do “it.”

Keep it up my friends.



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