Goal of Meeting 100 New People

Relationships and people are important in our daily lives. I am sure we have all heard the quote of, “Show me your 5 closest friends and I’ll show you your future.” The reason for this quote is that the people we choose to spend our time with are influencing us and we are influencing them in some way, shape, or form.

Whether we realize it or not, everyday we are either being influenced or thee influence-er.  We take in what our friends tell us in conversation, what we watch on TV or social media,  and what we  listening to while driving in our cars.  We put out what we  say in our conversations, what we post to social media, and what we do in all our actions.

I understand that it is not a constant debate going on in our lives.  Much of the time with friends it is us sharing what it is we have on our hearts and minds and being able to take it in with no judgement. Through this though, we are able to learn and grow with each other and learn about one another.

Conversations where we can be genuine and open without the fear of judgement or reproach are soul satisfying.  They allow us to be understood, they allow us to feel accepted, it feeds something inside of all of us that we all need. We have a need for emotional intimacy. We crave it.

I truly believe in that everyone we meet is for a reason. Whether it is the cashier at the grocery store, your server from dinner last night, or the new person that your friend introduced you to. All of these people have their own lives, their own triumphs, and their own struggles.

If we choose to see the beauty in someone we can appreciate who they are and see how God really has made each and everyone with our own uniqueness. Being able to meet and get to know new people, gives me joy.  I don’t mean the kind of get to know where we chat about the weather or only how our weekend was, but truly get to know a person. What their hopes and desires are, what has help make them who they are. Moments like this fill me up.

God has used acquaintances, friends, mentors, strangers even, to give me that little “Something” that I needed in my life at the right moment. Whether it was just having a conversation about something I need to hear or a simple smile that helped brighten my day.

This is why I value relationships and enjoy getting to know people. God himself has shown me how much he works through people and relationships.  Even more so if we are willing to work for him.  This is why I made the goal for myself of meeting 100 new people this year.

It’s August and I believe I am somewhere in the low seventies, but who’s counting right? Joking. I am totally counting,  I record who I meet, where I met them, and some notes about that person and conversation. It allows me to tangibly see how many people I meet and interact with.

This goal of meeting 100 people  has really helped me to value people more. It has grown me in wanting to love people better. This goal has allowed God to use people in my life to better me. Some of my most enjoyable moments are the divine appointments where God uses me to help someone else out.

These interactions have taught me to honor each and every person I come across. I am not a believer in coincidence. I believe that there is a purpose in everything. Choosing to have this belief has really shown me what God has been able to do through people. Not all interactions with people are life changing, in fact, most are not. But, I think we can all say, we feel more alive when we have a genuine conversation and connection with someone.

I challenge you to go and start a conversation with a stranger, an old friend, or build that relationship with a new friend.

Thank you for your time.



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