The Kaizen Effect: Get 1% Better Each Day

“Little strokes fell great oaks.” –Benjamin Franklin

In today’s society there’s a level of glamour and popularity with huge amounts of efforts and the huge leaps of progression, success, or forward progress. Now don’t get me wrong these things are great and amazing but they do not come as often as one would like.

It’s the making small progress on an item over time that creates the real victories. My mother, being the loving, frugal, mother that she is would always say, “Those little drops over time fill up a whole bucket.” It’s that exact thing that turns a leaky faucet into a noticeable increase in a water bill.

Using that same mentality over time and incrementally getting better is what will turn a novice into a pro.

You may not be good at riding switch on your snowboard but the more it is done it in a season the more you’ll progress.

You may not enjoy reading currently but the more you read, even if it is just a page a day or even a week, its progression towards becoming a reader.

Chatting with people in social situations may feel extremely uncomfortable now but starting with a simple, hello is progression towards having a full conversation.

Its the consistent, little strokes that falls the big oaks.



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